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Frequently Asked Questions

I saw you shooting, but my photo is not in the new gallery. Why not?
Unfortunately, some of the photos just don't turn out sometimes. This can be anything from lighting issues, cars being in the way, distractions, etc. Also, any and all offensive hand signals while riding by will be taken as a sign that you do not want your photos on the website.

Why don't you put signs up ahead of where you set up to warn riders of a photo-op?
The reason I don't do this is purely for safety reasons. I don't want people to ride faster than they should because I'm there.

I see the large watermarked version of my photo, but I don't see how to buy a print or download.
Please wait a few seconds for the purchase options to show up. If they do not show up within 30 seconds, the browser you're using may not support the system I use to sell my prints. Please try a different browser to make sure this is the problem.

Everytime I click the options "Buy Print", "Download", or "Share", I am redirected to the thumbnail gallery page. How can I use these links?
Please make sure that the links are underlined before you click. Depending on your browser speed, you may have to mouse over the links for a second or two before the underline shows up.

If you have a question that was not answered here, please just let me know!

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